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Страна: Россия

Стили музыки: Dance Disco Eurodance House Trance

Диапазон: Интернет радио

Качество: 360 kbps/s



Music In Paradise - is a music radio format. All about the world of music! Music In Paradise - this is radio, backed by over 15 years of musical history (The beginning of broadcasting - 2001). And every New Year - only the opening of new horizons! We can hear: From dance music, hot and energetic House Drum And Bass to dizzying Trance, relaxing Chill Out! From slow melodies to incendiary rhythms EDM From retro to modern kind of musical novelties 2015 Music for All Seasons: Eurodance, Synth-Pop, Disco House, Big Room, Dancecore !!! An equal footing with the wishes of our listeners, we select for ester only the most popular, fashionable and soulful! If you are with us - you can safely click on PLAY, listen to the radio 24 hours 7 days a week! Do not forget to subscribe to the group, and to light the full!


Воронеж FM
Интернет радио


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